Motvind Records is run by me, Hans Kjorstad. With this label I aim to release music of uttermost importance – records that I really need in my own collection.

This might sound a little narcissistic since the first release contains my own playing, but thankfully, I will not play on every release! Anyway, Miman’s debut album, entitled Ulme, might be a good starting ground for the next records to come out. It’s seemingly logical blend of folk music elements and abstract improvisations stake out a course that hopefully will be followed up by strong contributions from other artist I like listening to.

There will also be a sub label, Motvind Archive Tapes (MAT), releasing more or less obscure perfomances from players on the Oslo music scene, perpetuated on low-budget CDr’s.

Contact me for further information about the label: hkjorstad (at) hotmail (dot) com.